Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nars Blushes..... The best everr

OK as you all know, I am obsess with NARS, and one of the thing I love the most from this line is their blushes. NARS blushes are very pigmented and they have a wide range of color to choose from. My favorite and probably the one item that got me started with NARS is orgasm blush. The color are just beautiful. Recently I went to TJMAXX and to my surprise they have tons of NARS set from last year holiday collections. Needless to say, I scored everyone og them. I got the lip gloss set, blush and gloss set and the eye shadow palette. All of them were $29.99 !!!!!!! That's like more than half the original price off....!!!! I was so excited... The gloss ser comes with 3 dual end glosses. The color are sweet dream, harlow,boogie night,giza,chihuahua and rose birman. All of the color are so gorgeous.. These glosses are retail on nars website for $49.00 and I got it for half the price <3. The other one that I got was the lip gloss and blush duo. This one contain striptease lip gloss, which is a candlelight nude color. And deep throat blush,which I loves so much. The color of this blush is similar to the orgasm except that this one is not as pink, more like peachy color with shimmer. Very pretty. And this blush alone would cost me $24 and the lip gloss is $24 as well. So if I were to purchase these seperately I would pay $48.00. BUT i got them at my trusty TJMAXX  all for $29.99. So I was a very happy girl that day...

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