Friday, November 20, 2009


I don't know what, where, when, or how I got started with Bobbi Brown, but I've been hooked ever since..I think my first love affair with Bobbi Brown was probably her lipstick. My very first lipstivk that i got from Bobbi Brown was from her permanent line called Tulle Brown. And I loved it so much that I was willing to try more Bobbi Brown products. Did I know what I was getting into (and my skinny bank account too!!!)  That lipstick was the perfect color for me, I used them everyday, several times a day, not that it didn't last,it just that I love how smooth and creamy it glided on my lip!!!!. Then as I ventured into the brand I have tried a lot of Bobbi products, I come to a conclusion that Bobbi Brown is my new favorite brand... Every thing just seem to works for me. I am a makeup whore and I do own tons and tons of makeup, yet I tend to go for a natural and simple look a lot, and that is exacttly the Bobbi Brown concept for her make up line. Something simple yet elegance, Easy yet beautiful..I think her makeup is so timeless, It can never be "out" because this is the kind of makeup that you can use everyday, the color seem very basic and boring at first. because I love NARS, and as you know NARS have a lot of colors, and when it came to Bobbi Brown, In was like nahh everything look the same!!! seem like all of the color are so plain and boring. Is this for a more mature people?? But I tried it anyways, and was I wrong. The formular and color are very very easy to wear, Anyone can wear it, no hard tricks or techniques or how to guide that you need to learn. Just use your hand and VOILLA!!!! done!!

  • Bobbi Brown cane out with her holidays collections for 2009, and it was all so georgeous that I had to stop myself from getting all of them for the sake of my wallet!!! But anyways I got my hands on this Earth Metal Eyes and Lip palette. This one retail for $60.00!!! but I got it for less thanks to lord and taylor friend and family sale<3 This palette contain 6 eyes shadows 
  • Autumm Shimmer wash              
  • Earth Metal Metallic                     
  • Zinc Metallic                                
  • Black Spruce Metallic (my fave!!)
  • Sunset Gold Metallic                     
  • Antique Gold Metallic                   
I think all of the eyes shadows are stunning beautiful, especially the Black Spruce, I like to use it on my outer v to darken up my look, and it perfect. I think the shadows have a gppd amount of pigmentation to them, it stay on and it it not messy and powdery everywhere, whic is a plus :-) As for the lips..... not as exciting as the eyes, I personally not really a big fan of lip palette, because the color that you get in the palette are not as pigmented as the original, and it not convenience to use for girl on the go like me. I need to use a seperate lip brusdh for them, which sometimes I don't have the times for. But the color in this palette is very pretty and a bit too sheer for me. but I love it anyways <3.....The colors are.....................................................
Paisley Rose Creamy lip color
Rose Garden Creamy lip color (my fave!!!!)
Rosebud Creamy lip color
Barefoot Shimmer Creamy lip color

All in all I ewally like this palette, The packaging is very sleek as of all Bobbi Brown procusts. The price is a little on the high side, but I think it worth it.

Another one of my favorite out of the holiday collections is this cute little Tube Tint Set. It is just your basic lip gloss in a standard tubes with a slanted tips that makes it a breeze to apply. These are $28 which I think is a good price since you get 3 full size glosses. These will lat me forever and ever. The first one on the right is called cherry tint, and it is a sheer red color which is not as dark as it look in thr tube. At first I was like oh my god, that's red!!when I see it in the tube, but when I put it on, I was relieve that it it wasn't that cherry as it was on the tube. The 2nd one is called blossom tint, It look very very pink in the tube, but it is a sheer baby pink on my lip,which I love. Amd the last one whjich is one of my favorite is Twilight Shimmer, It is almost like a bronze sort of color. I like to just dot this one on after I put on a lipstick and it makes the color look so much richer and a bit more intense. The one thing I love about these glosses is the fact that they're SPF 15..which is fabulous for protecting my lip form the sun. The texture of this feel a lot like a lip balm to me, very thick, creamy but not sticky. Just the way I like it :-)  I am planning to ntry these glitter lip balm next cuz i  am a lipbalm addicted as well!!! so wait for it..

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