Thursday, February 18, 2010

My New Hair Obsessions

Hello beauty bloggers,It's 2 in the morning and I'm still up cuz I have to share with you my newest hair obsession, which is this Aussie 3 minutes miracle. I went to target today to get some stuff and the Aussie hair care line was on sale for 2.99,so I decided to pick this baby up and I could not be more happy. My hair was so damage because I used to perm it TWICE!!!! that's right people not one but double damages.... I also color and highlight my hair very often. And I also use flat iron and curling iron on a regular basis.So as you can imagine,my hair is so damage and I was in need of intensive conditioners. I've been using terax original crema for a while and it works wonders for my hair. Then I ran out of it, so I went to ulta to get my beloved Terax.When I got there I saw that they have JOICO on sale cuz it was like in a holidays packages or something like that. Now, I've heard lots of great things about JOICO lines so I was like what the heck,just give it a try.I bought the body luxe set for 10 dollars. That's was a great deal, I was so excited to try them. So I went home and step in the shower and did my things blah blah blah, and when I was done I noticed that my hair was so tangled and feel very corse and dry, not moisturizing at all. But I thought it was just my hair reacted to the new stuff.... 2 days later I washed my hair again and the same thing happened again and it was just repeating in the same patterns. My recovered hair is once again back to being dry, damage and tangle like I can not believe. Like my hair has never been that tangle in my life. So I throw away the whole set which is shampoo, comditioner, and serum. Was a waste of 10 bucks :-( Then my quest for intensive care begins AGAIN for the 37th times. I knew I could always goes back to my beloved Terax original crema, but one of my friend highly recomended I try the Aussie line. She said it work like a charm and it's cheap. So I was very skeptical at first but gave it a try anyways ang OMG...... I found a treasure laying inside Target...♥ Target is my favourite drugstore by the way.... This 3 minutes miracle deeeeep conditioner is absolutely amazing. Within just ONE use my hair felt so soft and so healthy within ONE use..... I mean how does that happen????? It's a miracle in a bottle.!!!!! yes yes it is, it's truly a miracle. I loves this and I will go back to target first thing in the morning to get shampoo and conditioner from AUSSIE♥ It's 2.99... how can you say mo to that. I will stick with aussie 3 minutes miracle masque for now. So long Terax......  

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter Lip Savers !!!!!

 Hello bloggers, it's been a while since my last post huh??? I've been so busy with life and with class, but anyways I'm back to blogging again. Let's get started shall we?.
           So it's officially freezing here in jersey, and I absolutely hate winter and what it does to my skin. I've been slathered on lotion and face cream and lip balm like crazy in the past two months !!!!!! My skin gets do dry but not as bad as my lip. I swear in the past two months I've tried every lip balm there is in Target (-_-) and Walmart, and Sephora.!!! My lip are like a desert island in the mid of summer. So dry, crack and peel like crazy. I am very OCD about my lip not being soft and smooth, like I refuse to do anything before I can get all those skin that are peeling off my lip off my lip ?? I am very particular about my lip products. I f it has glitters or sparkles or anything grainy in texture to it, I will go far far away from them. I know a lo of people don't mind it, but definitely not me. A few months back I got my hand on Sara Happ Lip slip, And I absolutely loves it. I tried her lip scrub too and it was also oh-so-fabulous// First of all, I'm a sucker for cute packaging, and this caught my eyes the moment I saw it. It come in a cute little gold box with a bow on it. I mean how can you not get a balm with a BOW on it.... soo adorable. When I open the jar there was a pinky balm with lots of sparkles staring right at me and I though Oh, it has a sparkles in it, will it be gritty in texture?? I was horrified....but a girl got to do what a girl got to do. So I wash my hand and dip my finger in the balm and to my surprised.... it was a soft, creamy balm. I thought it was gonna be hard in texture like many of lip balm in a pots and jars. Like imagine MAC tinted Lip cond. or Smith Rosebud salve.. I was expecting something like that. But noo this was so soft and creamy.. like how to I explain it.. you know how when you dip your finger in a tub of vaseline.. it was even MORE soft and creamy than that... wayyy more.. almost like a very thick body cream that kind of texture. So I went ahead and spread it all over my lip, and it was so smoothhhhhh. No gritty or grainy texture at all.. a tad sticky like a lip gloss as well. It has a slight sheen to it so you can wear it as a lip gloss as well. The staying power of this is above and beyond. It will last me through my morning coffee and lunch.. and beyond. It last so long and it keep my lip nice and soft throughout the day. Despite the $25.00 price tag. I would buy this again and again.
        Another one of my favourites lip balm of all time is this Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment
It has the most amazing smell, it like sweet lemony scented. And again the screw cap ensure that it will never fall out in my purse which is a plus<-_-> I use this everyday, and I have to stop myself from reaching for this every couple hours or so. This as I already mention has the most incredible smell, and the fact that they come in a swival tube makes it a breeze to apply in a hurry. Be careful though, twisted up gently, since the balm itself is soooo soft and creamy, if you're not careful you can easily break them in just a simple twist..Do not put these cuties in your pocket or leave them in your car in the summer cuz it will melt like crazy in a flash. I used up this lip balm very very quickly. I think it's because the texture is so soft that it so easy to over apply them, sometimes I purposely ovet apply them cuz they're such a indulgence. I loves everything about this balm, the packaging, the smell, the spf, the fact that it has no color, did I mention the scent??? The only thing I'm not crazy about is the price tag, This will set you back $24.00 or so.. That's why I have to fight the urge to apply this very often. Foe the sake of my skinny limpy wallet....
And yet another one of my faves is absolutely Kiehl's #1 lip balm. This ome I admitt it's just look and feel like vaseline for double the price. But come on this one is one of my very first lip balm that I have ever bought that cost over 5 dollars. And must I say, it worth every pennies, I own a lots of these, and my very first one that I bought a year and a half ago is still going strong. Last me forever and ever, They comes out with a couple more scents now I think, like mango, mint, cranberry and etc. However, my favourite is the original unscented one. It's come in a squeeze tube which is easy to take with you, the one thing that bothers me though is that the tube does not have a slanted tip!! so I usually squeeze some on my finger tip and just apply it on my lip. I believe these are $7.00 or so,will last you forever and keep your lip nice and moisturize for a long time.Give this a try and you will love them too
 OK so much about the ones I love, now let's go to the one I don't care about so much. Let's talk about this Blistex Natural Cooling Comfort lip balm. I bought this one cuz it was on sale @ Harmon for like 99 cents or so, and I'm glad that it was only a dollar. This smell nice and I went gaga over the slanted tip. I mean it was the perfect slanted tip for me, it fit my lip perfectly. But despite the tip, nothing else impress me at all. When I squeeze this on my lip I though eeww, is this a mistake??? like did I got a bad one from the batch??? or did I not read the lable clearly?? I mean the texture of this is like a facial scrub!!!! It was so grainy ang gritty that I had to reach for the lable and read it again if this was suppose to be a lip scrub or what the hell is this stuff on my lip?????? So I read them again and again but noo, it was not a scrub, it was suppose to be a lip balm.. but but how can one use this grainy stuff as a balm??? I was so confuse and horrified. I mean I could use this as a scrub... and no way in hell I could have EVER thing of using a scrub as a balm, no one in their right mind do that...So just that one little squeeze and there go the tube in the trash. End of the story..... 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My numero uno facial scrub.... <3

Happy Holiday everyone. It's the most wonderful time of the year ain't it??? of course it is,especially with all of the cosmetics brands are coming out with their holiday collections. All are very wish list is getting longer and longer by the minutes hahaha!!!! So this saturday Lord and Taylor will have a gift with purchase for Clinique.. I am usually does not get real excited about Clinique GWP since I don't really use much of their products EXCEPT one which is the Clinique Exfoling Scrub. Honestly I must say that this is posibly the most agrassive face scrub I've ever encounter with in a long long time.I know a lot of people can not use this one especially if you have a sensitive skin but  since I have oily skin I can see the potential in this one.The texture of this is very grainy and very scrub-y. I usually dampen my face a bit before I put this one on. It also had kind of minty smell to it which I absolutely hate at first but came to love it as I continue using them :-) I usually use them in the morning because the minty scent really wakes me up real good. So I dampen my face, squeeze a pea size of the scrub on to the back of my hand and with my finger tip spread it out and massage it in the circular motions around my entire face. Then rinse it out with water and follow with your regular skincare routine. This scrub had left my face very soft and smooth. And let me tell you, I haven't break out ever since I use this exfoliator and I have been using this one at the beginning of the year!!! I use it once every 2 days, and it last a long long times for me since I only need a tiny bit of it at the time. It is $18.00 for 3.4 oz. tube which is not bad compare to the result. Again don't use them if you have sensitive skin. This is the real deal exfoliator.. Happy Christmas Shopping Everybody <3

                                                  Get your dog a sombrero

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nars Blushes..... The best everr

OK as you all know, I am obsess with NARS, and one of the thing I love the most from this line is their blushes. NARS blushes are very pigmented and they have a wide range of color to choose from. My favorite and probably the one item that got me started with NARS is orgasm blush. The color are just beautiful. Recently I went to TJMAXX and to my surprise they have tons of NARS set from last year holiday collections. Needless to say, I scored everyone og them. I got the lip gloss set, blush and gloss set and the eye shadow palette. All of them were $29.99 !!!!!!! That's like more than half the original price off....!!!! I was so excited... The gloss ser comes with 3 dual end glosses. The color are sweet dream, harlow,boogie night,giza,chihuahua and rose birman. All of the color are so gorgeous.. These glosses are retail on nars website for $49.00 and I got it for half the price <3. The other one that I got was the lip gloss and blush duo. This one contain striptease lip gloss, which is a candlelight nude color. And deep throat blush,which I loves so much. The color of this blush is similar to the orgasm except that this one is not as pink, more like peachy color with shimmer. Very pretty. And this blush alone would cost me $24 and the lip gloss is $24 as well. So if I were to purchase these seperately I would pay $48.00. BUT i got them at my trusty TJMAXX  all for $29.99. So I was a very happy girl that day...

Terax Original Crema <3<3<3

 OK there are conditioners and then there are Terax Crema., this is my one and only conditioner. I have dye and straight perm. culr perm, more times than my fingers can ever count..on top of that I use a flat iron everyday and curling iron once in a while.. So as you can imagine, my hair (or straw as my mom called it) are so damaged.very dry and damage at the end and oily at the root. From then my quest for the perfect conditioners have started. I went on tons and tons of beauty blogs and see what other people are saying are the best intensive conditioners. At first I tried Keratease, cuz i was thinking c'mon for this big of a price, their products must be super duper. But i was wrong :-( Their famous Masquintense was just ok i think. It doesn't go much in term of repairing my hair. I t just make it soft for a couple of days and that''s all. Then after an unsuccessful tried with keratease, i went on to tried Ojon restorative hair treatment. This one was about $55 or something if am not mistaking. This one was even worse that the first, does not do anything at all, my hair doesn't even feel a bit soft. and don't even get me start with the smell, a total waste for me... Untill I was reading the book Beauty Confidential by Nadine Haobsh. ans she mentions rhis conditioner, so I went out to bluemercury to get one. When I got home I could not wait to try it. To be honest when I first open the flip top cover to get a whiff of it I almost not want to try it. It smell to me. But I manage to slap it on my hair anyways, and let me tell you, my quest has ended..I've found it. MY PERFECT CONDITIONER. despite the scent though. Still this conditioner made my hair so soft and shiny and the texture of my hair has improved drastically. As I keep using it, my hair keep getting better and better. I will still keep trying other conditioner, but this will always be in my heart(and my shower) forever.... 

My All times favorite Eye Liners

These are my HG liners,, Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil... I tried a LOT of liners and pencil is my favotite. It very practical and very easy to use, the problem with these is that some of them,actually a lot of them are not creamy enough for me and it kind of irritate my lids when I DRAGGED it across them.Not with these, these are THE creamiest eye pencils I have ever use in my whole entire life!!!!!And I will NEVER use any other liners that are in pencil form other than this one...Yes it is that good people... I go through these very quickly since I use them everyday and it needs to be sharpen. So may be that's one of the downside. But the creamyness of this made up for it. hahah <3 It stay on for ever too. So I have to use an oil base makeup remover to clean it out at night. But a lot of people told me that it tend to smear a lot when they use this to line their waterline, but I don't have a problem with that, so maybe it just me !!! These liners will set you back $17.00. which I think worth every pennies to me. My favorite is zero which is blac, and 1999, which is a rich brown.. I do have all of their colors, but these two are my favorites cuz I can use them for everything and anything...

Friday, November 20, 2009


I don't know what, where, when, or how I got started with Bobbi Brown, but I've been hooked ever since..I think my first love affair with Bobbi Brown was probably her lipstick. My very first lipstivk that i got from Bobbi Brown was from her permanent line called Tulle Brown. And I loved it so much that I was willing to try more Bobbi Brown products. Did I know what I was getting into (and my skinny bank account too!!!)  That lipstick was the perfect color for me, I used them everyday, several times a day, not that it didn't last,it just that I love how smooth and creamy it glided on my lip!!!!. Then as I ventured into the brand I have tried a lot of Bobbi products, I come to a conclusion that Bobbi Brown is my new favorite brand... Every thing just seem to works for me. I am a makeup whore and I do own tons and tons of makeup, yet I tend to go for a natural and simple look a lot, and that is exacttly the Bobbi Brown concept for her make up line. Something simple yet elegance, Easy yet beautiful..I think her makeup is so timeless, It can never be "out" because this is the kind of makeup that you can use everyday, the color seem very basic and boring at first. because I love NARS, and as you know NARS have a lot of colors, and when it came to Bobbi Brown, In was like nahh everything look the same!!! seem like all of the color are so plain and boring. Is this for a more mature people?? But I tried it anyways, and was I wrong. The formular and color are very very easy to wear, Anyone can wear it, no hard tricks or techniques or how to guide that you need to learn. Just use your hand and VOILLA!!!! done!!

  • Bobbi Brown cane out with her holidays collections for 2009, and it was all so georgeous that I had to stop myself from getting all of them for the sake of my wallet!!! But anyways I got my hands on this Earth Metal Eyes and Lip palette. This one retail for $60.00!!! but I got it for less thanks to lord and taylor friend and family sale<3 This palette contain 6 eyes shadows 
  • Autumm Shimmer wash              
  • Earth Metal Metallic                     
  • Zinc Metallic                                
  • Black Spruce Metallic (my fave!!)
  • Sunset Gold Metallic                     
  • Antique Gold Metallic                   
I think all of the eyes shadows are stunning beautiful, especially the Black Spruce, I like to use it on my outer v to darken up my look, and it perfect. I think the shadows have a gppd amount of pigmentation to them, it stay on and it it not messy and powdery everywhere, whic is a plus :-) As for the lips..... not as exciting as the eyes, I personally not really a big fan of lip palette, because the color that you get in the palette are not as pigmented as the original, and it not convenience to use for girl on the go like me. I need to use a seperate lip brusdh for them, which sometimes I don't have the times for. But the color in this palette is very pretty and a bit too sheer for me. but I love it anyways <3.....The colors are.....................................................
Paisley Rose Creamy lip color
Rose Garden Creamy lip color (my fave!!!!)
Rosebud Creamy lip color
Barefoot Shimmer Creamy lip color

All in all I ewally like this palette, The packaging is very sleek as of all Bobbi Brown procusts. The price is a little on the high side, but I think it worth it.

Another one of my favorite out of the holiday collections is this cute little Tube Tint Set. It is just your basic lip gloss in a standard tubes with a slanted tips that makes it a breeze to apply. These are $28 which I think is a good price since you get 3 full size glosses. These will lat me forever and ever. The first one on the right is called cherry tint, and it is a sheer red color which is not as dark as it look in thr tube. At first I was like oh my god, that's red!!when I see it in the tube, but when I put it on, I was relieve that it it wasn't that cherry as it was on the tube. The 2nd one is called blossom tint, It look very very pink in the tube, but it is a sheer baby pink on my lip,which I love. Amd the last one whjich is one of my favorite is Twilight Shimmer, It is almost like a bronze sort of color. I like to just dot this one on after I put on a lipstick and it makes the color look so much richer and a bit more intense. The one thing I love about these glosses is the fact that they're SPF 15..which is fabulous for protecting my lip form the sun. The texture of this feel a lot like a lip balm to me, very thick, creamy but not sticky. Just the way I like it :-)  I am planning to ntry these glitter lip balm next cuz i  am a lipbalm addicted as well!!! so wait for it..