Friday, November 20, 2009

CoverGirl Lash Blast Lenght!!!!!!!!

I am now addicted to this mascara... I wish that they will NEVER discontinue this one Everrrrrrrr.. I 've tried A LOT of mascaras. High End, Drugstore, Boutique.... whatever.. And I think this one by far is my favourite. Prior to this I have been using Diorshow for like almost a year, and I loves it, the only thing for me is that it dried out and get clumpy very easily. And I mean I'm not just gonna toss a $24 mascara after like what, 2 months of using.... That's just too much of a waste for me. I've also tried a lot of drugstore mascaras, but never actually found THE ONE that work for me. Untill ONE DAY I was jus browsing around @ my local walmart, and I saw that covergirl came out with the new mascara in the bright yellow tube. I think this one was suppose to be a dupe for something like Shu Uemura Fiber mascara or Imju Fiberwig from Japan, which retail @ sephora for$24. While those mascaras have fiber to help lenghten the lashes, this one from covergirl contain nylon fiber. When you pull the wand out of the tube, you won't see any fiber on the wand at all. I really really like this one a lot, It does an excellent job at seperating and lenghten my wimpy lashes. It gives a little volume, not as much as I would get fron Diorshow, but for the price, it not bad. Plus the claim was that it will lenghten and it did as it claimed to be.That kinda a BIG deal to me, when the product claim to do something and it did.. that's to me is like it meet my expectation. OK back to the mascara, it definitely lenghten and seperating my lashes really really good. It does NOT clump or flake AT ALL. Which is why I love it so much.   

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