Friday, November 20, 2009

My favorites Perfumes

First one is my everyday perfume, which is the one and only Viva La Juicy... I <3 this one, this smell really sweet and just a hint of tart, just the way I like it.. I don't like heavy,spicy,oriental kinda scents, I don't know why, it just not my thing... I tend to go for a more like fresh, fruity, citrus, instead. I like a summer perfume i guess that what you called it. And I cannot get pass the packaging on this one. Isn't it the prettiest bottle...

I have been using this one ever since it came out, which I think about a couple years ago. It still one of my favorites, I think the name says it all, it smell dilicious. I always got compliments whenever I wore this perfume. It smell likes apple only sweeter and yummier!!!!! And again the bottle is so cute and very unique.. I've tried the red one and the pink, they're pretty good,kinda fall in the same category, light, fruity,and very fresh. However this one is still my favorite out of all the DKNY collections!!!

OMG.....................THIS has to be my favorite one ever....but i can't find them in store anymore. This one is called Love by Nina Ricci. and yes it is a limited editions that came out during spring of 2009. The bottle is the cutest little thing.. I have actually not use it all up,because I want to save it just to get a whiff of it every now and then..I am so so sad that this is a limited edition. I wish thaat they would put this one in their permanent line. This one smell similar to the original nina ricci, You know, the one in the same bottle except that it was all red. I t smell pretty similar, only this one is a lot sweeter and just wonderful..... love it love it, love it...

There is a couple more perfumes that I like to share with you, but I will have to save that for later on. I am currently trying out a lot of new perfume,since it is the holiday season, and every brands comes out with a value set. That makes it easier for me to try out I think. My favorite set is the one from sephora. There are so many different ones in the set. I can never get enough of it..going in my wishlist this year for sure!!!

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