Friday, November 20, 2009

My obsession with NARS !!!!

I love love NARS products, no i was wrong, I am a self proclaim NARS addicted..... Now that's correct. It all started a couple years back...I was just reading a magazines and browsing through the beauty blogs and I've noticed that people are raving about one particular blush, which were called orgasm by NARS. So being the my very self, of course I had to get my ass to the nearest NARS counter and get myself one of this blush. I was very skeptical at first, I mean it JUST a blush, why do people go crazy about it, how good can it be right? But boy was I ashame of that though now. NARS orgasm is MY perfect blush period... It just brighten up my face and makes me look put together like no other makeup has ever come close... It just enough pink to brighten up my complexion, and enough peach to warm up my skin really beautifully.. while I know this blush claim to work for EVRYONE, it does not work foe everyone. I know a lot of people have tried this one and it justg doesn't work for them, god knows why... But for me this is my 3rd one and I will keep buying more. I 've tried the super orgasm one and I did not like it as much as the original one..The sale lady said it more like a night time thing, however I still think that the gold glitters were just too much and too big.. It wasn't a shimmery blush that you may have though, It literally like you put on a chunk of large particles of gold glitters on your face. and it very messy. the glitters goes everywhere all over your face and your body. Oh Well,, since i bough it,I've been using them as eye shadow, Still very messy, make sure you put this one on before you do anything, cuz it will go all over your face AND your clothes. Very pretty color though...   

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