Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Terax Original Crema <3<3<3

 OK there are conditioners and then there are Terax Crema., this is my one and only conditioner. I have dye and straight perm. culr perm, more times than my fingers can ever count..on top of that I use a flat iron everyday and curling iron once in a while.. So as you can imagine, my hair (or straw as my mom called it) are so damaged.very dry and damage at the end and oily at the root. From then my quest for the perfect conditioners have started. I went on tons and tons of beauty blogs and see what other people are saying are the best intensive conditioners. At first I tried Keratease, cuz i was thinking c'mon for this big of a price, their products must be super duper. But i was wrong :-( Their famous Masquintense was just ok i think. It doesn't go much in term of repairing my hair. I t just make it soft for a couple of days and that''s all. Then after an unsuccessful tried with keratease, i went on to tried Ojon restorative hair treatment. This one was about $55 or something if am not mistaking. This one was even worse that the first, does not do anything at all, my hair doesn't even feel a bit soft. and don't even get me start with the smell, a total waste for me... Untill I was reading the book Beauty Confidential by Nadine Haobsh. ans she mentions rhis conditioner, so I went out to bluemercury to get one. When I got home I could not wait to try it. To be honest when I first open the flip top cover to get a whiff of it I almost not want to try it. It smell like....fish to me. But I manage to slap it on my hair anyways, and let me tell you, my quest has ended..I've found it. MY PERFECT CONDITIONER. despite the scent though. Still this conditioner made my hair so soft and shiny and the texture of my hair has improved drastically. As I keep using it, my hair keep getting better and better. I will still keep trying other conditioner, but this will always be in my heart(and my shower) forever.... 

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