Thursday, February 18, 2010

My New Hair Obsessions

Hello beauty bloggers,It's 2 in the morning and I'm still up cuz I have to share with you my newest hair obsession, which is this Aussie 3 minutes miracle. I went to target today to get some stuff and the Aussie hair care line was on sale for 2.99,so I decided to pick this baby up and I could not be more happy. My hair was so damage because I used to perm it TWICE!!!! that's right people not one but double damages.... I also color and highlight my hair very often. And I also use flat iron and curling iron on a regular basis.So as you can imagine,my hair is so damage and I was in need of intensive conditioners. I've been using terax original crema for a while and it works wonders for my hair. Then I ran out of it, so I went to ulta to get my beloved Terax.When I got there I saw that they have JOICO on sale cuz it was like in a holidays packages or something like that. Now, I've heard lots of great things about JOICO lines so I was like what the heck,just give it a try.I bought the body luxe set for 10 dollars. That's was a great deal, I was so excited to try them. So I went home and step in the shower and did my things blah blah blah, and when I was done I noticed that my hair was so tangled and feel very corse and dry, not moisturizing at all. But I thought it was just my hair reacted to the new stuff.... 2 days later I washed my hair again and the same thing happened again and it was just repeating in the same patterns. My recovered hair is once again back to being dry, damage and tangle like I can not believe. Like my hair has never been that tangle in my life. So I throw away the whole set which is shampoo, comditioner, and serum. Was a waste of 10 bucks :-( Then my quest for intensive care begins AGAIN for the 37th times. I knew I could always goes back to my beloved Terax original crema, but one of my friend highly recomended I try the Aussie line. She said it work like a charm and it's cheap. So I was very skeptical at first but gave it a try anyways ang OMG...... I found a treasure laying inside Target...♥ Target is my favourite drugstore by the way.... This 3 minutes miracle deeeeep conditioner is absolutely amazing. Within just ONE use my hair felt so soft and so healthy within ONE use..... I mean how does that happen????? It's a miracle in a bottle.!!!!! yes yes it is, it's truly a miracle. I loves this and I will go back to target first thing in the morning to get shampoo and conditioner from AUSSIE♥ It's 2.99... how can you say mo to that. I will stick with aussie 3 minutes miracle masque for now. So long Terax......  

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